Headhunters to the Building Products Industry

Careerbuild specialises in identifying and securing capable and committed staff for a broad range of junior and managerial positions throughout the UK and Ireland.

Our company is built on a foundation of trust, respect and confidentiality between ourselves, our clients and candidates. We do our utmost to provide an efficient and cost effective service based on a realistic and tailored fee structure.

Through the development of enduring relationships with a smaller number of clients, Careerbuild seeks to enhance your company’s ability to compete for the best and most appropriate talent. We dovetail our service with your methods of operation rather than provide a prescriptive service and as such are neither a one size fits all consultancy nor do we attempt to be all things to all people.

Recruitment through Knowledge

We have been working within the broader building products and construction sectors for many, many years so you will always be working with an informed, knowledgeable and experienced consultant who will understand your industry and know where and how to find the right people. We will know who you compete with commercially and who you compete with for talent. We will know a great deal about that talent; what they are looking for financially, professionally, how they perceive your business and more importantly what they like and dislike about their current employer. This in turn enables us to provide a permanent and effective solution to your recruitment needs, speedily as possible, with minimal disruption to your business.

A Competitive Advantage

At Careerbuild we put particular emphasis on our client’s ability to compete for key personnel. An integral aspect to our partnering process is to develop an enduring competitive advantage for your current and future recruitment programmes. Key to this strategy is the development of talent pools through the identification of and interaction with your key sources of staff. Fundamentally, we engage in a meaningful way with people who work in organisations which you are most likely to compete with for talent. These may not always be those you compete with commercially.

Additionally we advise on and assist in marketing your business as an employer of choice. This covers every aspect or the recruitment process and complete employment offering, in its broadest sense. From writing separate job specifications for recruitment, interview questionnaires for line managers and headhunt scripts that provide a positive, powerful and meaningful message to your target audience, to process method, online information, remuneration and rewards advice and contract negotiation.

Psychometric Assessments

Whilst this has proved time and time again to be a valuable tool in enhancing and adding insight to the recruitment process, we strongly believe it has greater importance in the context of team dynamics and the management and retention of staff. The insights gained from such analysis provide the employer with a greater understanding of why their people behave the way they do and how they are likely to behave under any given set of circumstances. This equally applies to managing upwards as it does to peer to peer working relationships. Psychometric assessment provides valuable insights that inform both on your choice of employee and the way in which an employer can get the best from that person.



After leaving University, Alistair was trained and worked in recruitment across a broad range of sectors in London, Bromley, Milton Keynes, Hertford, Leeds and the Midlands. In 2001 he founded Careerbuild. He is a trained psychometric assessor with a keen interest in people’s motivations and assisting them in their career development. Outside of work, he is a keen cyclist and sailor.

Recruitment through Knowledge A Competitive Advantage Psychometric Assessments